I love photographing newborns!


And getting the best newborn portraits  means taking them in the first 10 days and scheduling  your session during a time that baby is most sleepy. Babies this young are happy to be posed curled up in the "womb position" and tend to sleep deeply.


I have all the props, baskets, hats and blankies here, but of course you are free to bring anything special that you want to include in the portraits. You should bring with you anything that baby will need to be away from home for up to three hours.  A session can take this long because we never rush and always stop for soothing and feeding breaks.

Since there is no way to schedule accurately until baby arrives, I can add you to my calendar based on your due date and then wait to hear from you.


My fee is a flat rate for your edited digital images with full copyrights.

There are no other fees. 


Thank you for checking out my work. I do hope to meet you and your new little one!


Sabrina Alexander